TV Appearances and Presentations

TV Appearances and Presentations

John’s Appearance on PBS’s WealthTrack

On February 6, 2016, John had the pleasure of being interviewed at length by Consuelo Mack of PBS’s WealthTrack. The interview touched on our use of the Robot Portfolio as a source of stock-picking ideas, our view on energy stocks, and our methods of investing.

John’s Talk to the CFA Society of Los Angeles

On February 7, 2015, John addressed the CFA Society of Los Angeles about “The Surprising Success of a Naïve Stockpicking Paradigm.”  The paradigm in question invests in stocks with extraordinarily low prices relative to recent earnings.  We use it as a source of ideas in our work.

John’s Appearance on CNBC

In this interview, John – to the incredulity of the hosts – predicted the Dow Jones Industrial Average would hit 25,000 in 2017. He was right within 163 points, or four days, depending on how you wish to count.

Audio and video clips shown here reflect our views at the time of the broadcast. Our views on specific securities and our stock-market outlook may have changed since that time. Also, the advice expressed here is general advice, not tailored to any specific client’s situation. People should confer with a trusted financial advisor before acting on opinions expressed in any broadcast, including this one.

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