How We Invest


Dorfman Value Investments is a Boston, Massachusetts-based investment management firm, dedicated to seeking strong investment returns for its clients through value investing.

We manage investment accounts for individuals and families, charitable trusts, financial institutions and corporations.

We are long-term fundamental investors, seeking opportunities for superior capital appreciation by buying out-of-favor equities that we believe have high potential for gains. We like to buy shares in good companies on bad news. We believe we can often discern when the bad news is likely to be temporary. Our team of highly experienced investment professionals has been tested over the years under a variety of market conditions, and we are very proud of our long-term performance results.

Our way of thinking is influenced by the background of our founder and chief portfolio manager, John Dorfman. We try to be skeptical but not cynical, to read between the lines of corporate statements and reports, and to be systematic in our quest for investment opportunities.

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