Seeking Wisdom

Tom Macpherson

Based on an article that originally appeared on, August 1, 2017.

I want to let everyone know that my book, “Seeking Wisdom: Thoughts on Value Investing,” was published by Amazon this summer. It is available in paperback as well as Kindle format. Many of the chapters were originally published on the web site, and there is also quite a bit of additional (and new) content.

Earlier this year, I announced that I would stop writing for GuruFocus. Since then, many people have asked me three questions – one about me and two about the book: why I stopped writing, why I have chosen Amazon’s publishing house and why I decided to publish only a softcover version. I thought I would take a crack at answering these questions.

The first is relatively straightforward. As some of you know, I am fighting a rare genetic disorder that will likely kill me sooner rather than later. I have been extremely sick for the past two years (hence the departure from GuruFocus), with the last six months being particularly difficult. The ability to write, research and publish on a regular schedule is difficult with ER visits, infusions, transfusions and any other problem the disease can throw at me. The good news is I am giving as good as I get, but I recognize we are all mortal. As it turns out, I have still been able to write some articles for Guru Focus, a web site for which I have the highest respect. But my contributions are no longer on a regular schedule. As for the next question, I used Amazon simply because it was easiest, most convenient and had the quickest production schedule (the most emphasis on the latter) of all my choices. I wanted to have something out there in the marketplace should something happen to me (the sooner rather than later part!). It was mostly due to ego, I suppose, with a touch of worry about family support that drove the final choice.

The paperback decision was almost as easy. If anybody remembers lugging around campus the 1940 edition of “Security Analysis” in hardcover, you know sometimes size and weight start counting more than the content. At 370 pages, I wanted readers to be able to tuck the book into their briefcase or read it on whatever electronic platform they chose. Nobody needs another five pounds added to their already overburdened briefcase or messenger bag.

So now you have the long and the short of it. I greatly enjoyed writing the book, learning new content and puzzling over what to write about next. But it is really this wonderful community here at GuruFocus that made this whole thing possible. From Charlie on down, you have provided tremendous support, learning and constructive criticism in an all too ill-mannered and discourteous world. So many thanks and I hope you enjoy reading the book.

PostScript from John Dorfman: Tom’s colleagues, including myself, think he has written a marvelous book, original in its approach, thorough in its execution, and enjoyable for its recurring flashes of humor. We highly recommend the book to anyone with a serious interest in investing.

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